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Use Just Awesome Karaoke music In Your Movie, Advertisement, Television Program, etc.

If you're looking for top-quality instrumentals, look no further! The best is right here. We also have versions with vocals, so

if you can't afford the original version, don't settle for anything but the closest re-creation of the songs on the market today.

Send an e-mail to: mail@justawesomekaraoke.com

And describe your project and what you wish to use the instrumental or full version for, how much of it will be used, how many times it will be played, and any/all other information pertaining to how you'd like to use the song, and we will be in touch ASAP.

Here are some samples of our music with vocals, one sample tried in a couple different ways:

Tweedle Dee Samples:

Tweedle Dee - Our version w/ radio-esque audio

Tweedle Dee - Our version w/ clean audio

Blue Moon Samples:

Blue Moon - Our Version