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Use Just Awesome Karaoke's professional performance tracks on your own CD, mixed and mastered by our audio team!

Want to sing to the best music for your personal or commercial CD? Send and e-mail to us at: mail@justawesomekaraoke.com



For use in audio CDs or other audio productions:

For each track/song: $180 (covers both right-to-use on your CD, and mixing/mastering of your voice by our studio - see Q&A below)

**NOTE - does not include mechanical license, that must be obtained from songwriter or publishing company who owns the song or songs.**

Artwork: $440 for a Basic Package: you select one of our covers, and our design team customizes it with your name, picture, and info, to give you a great retro look you can't get anywhere else!

**NOTE - customization beyond certain limits is subject to charge - e-mail for details**

Package Deals: get a 12 song track-list from one of our CDs + customized artwork for just $2000 -

(songs from the two Sun/Hayride volumes are not available for this package deal)


Want to use the services listed, but don't have a proper place to record the vocals for your CD... or want some help you can't get anywhere else, to make your vocals the best they can be? Record with us!

Recording Services:

Premium Recording Package: $2,500 (select up to 12 songs, via the options above, and spend a full week (7 days) in our vocal studio recording - with Jamie Kelley,

a foremost authority on Elvis' voice and vocal stylings, as your personal producer and vocal coach for the sessions.

That's the same price you'd pay for a week of recording at a $35 studio, with no producer or vocal coach at all!)


Services Q&A:

Q: How does pricing work again and what do I get?

A: For rights-to-use and mixing/mastering: $180 per song and $440 for the artwork, but if someone were to do a whole pre-set album and use that artwork, too,

(ex: all the songs from the "Just Awesome Karaoke" JAK121-1254 album in our new CD track order and the artwork based on that same cover), it'd be $2000 flat. Eventually, as we are able to

do more albums, we'll have those covers and songs available for selection, too. For this, you could record your voice in a studio or on your recording system,

send just the vocal tracks to us, and we would do the rest!

Q: Why do you offer more than just the right to use the recordings?

A: Where we approached it from was that most companies charge for people just to use the tracks with their vocal on CDs (generally charging $200-$300 per song).

Some people don't pay any attention to this and try to record and release without a license and hope they don't get caught. That's not legal or right given the work

involved in making music, but given the economy and the fact that performance tracks are so expensive as it is, we don't necessarily blame them.

 Especially since that doesn't include recording costs and music rights, and if you don't plan on making the CDs yourself there's CD manufacturing costs too.

In providing a service along with the right to use the recordings, we offer something unique that they can't get themselves at that price.

Q: What makes your mixing/mastering service better than recording and trying to mix and master it myself?

Since we have access to the same brands of compressors, reverb, etc used for the original vintage recordings, we can offer something different: mixing and mastering vocals

 in with the tracks so that it's smoother, all fits together, and has a more professional sound that's more like the original recording - something they can't get themselves,

even if you have a $2,000 personal studio with, say, ProTools, Qubase or something like that. In additional point (and example), when you apply compression to a

mixed/mastered recording, it gives a flatter "singing to karaoke" sound than if you have your voice mixed, mastered (and thus compressed) along with the

multi-track recording - everything sits nicely and just gives a more smooth, professional feel. And since we have the multi-tracks, we can provide that.

Q: You have recording services?

Yes, we do! This is service we offer in addition is for someone who wants to really work on their vocals or doesn't have an alternative for quality recording.

We offer one full week in our personal studio to record vocals for an album of no more than 12 songs, with Jamie Kelley as your personal vocal coach and producer, for $2,500

(which is what most smaller studios charge without a producer or coach at all, let alone one who knows the material). Given the years of familiarity Jamie

has with the material and the official products sold worldwide that feature his recreation EP vocal work as well as his

experience as an recording artist himself, you'd be hard pressed to find a better vocal coach.